Anxiety attacks: The lowdown

Either you've had them or you haven't. For the readers who've never experienced an anxiety attack before, I'm gunna be sharing what they are, why they happen and how they make me feel. For readers who have experienced them, I'll be explaining what I do to help my silly panicky brain when it glitches. "Panic … Continue reading Anxiety attacks: The lowdown


Have you ever experienced derealisation?

Merry Friday you beautiful BEANS. In my last blog post I briefly mentioned derealisation. Today I'm gunna outline my experience of it. Because I am me, I was tempted to drink 1000+ coffees, smother myself in research and construct a 12 page essay containing nothing but facts and science (facts are my kink), but I … Continue reading Have you ever experienced derealisation?

What the deuce is up with my OCD?

Happy New Year you beautiful beans! Welcome back to Digging the Dirt. I took a break from writing last year because I was nervous about how OCD was gonna react to the pandemic. I wanted to remove myself from thinking deeply about my mental health and just go with the flow if that makes sense? … Continue reading What the deuce is up with my OCD?


RABBIT HOLE  NOUN "Used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself." (Disclaimer: This post contains a brief mention of parasites. If you'd be triggered by this then avoid!) I'm an obsessive little son of a gun - this isn't BLOODY news … Continue reading INTO THE RABBIT HOLE

5 common misconceptions about OCD

Hello people. I haven't posted for bloody ages! I've just been really busy enjoying 1 hour walks, shopping for essential items, and crying salty bitter tears of depression into my crisp white bed linen.  Today I'm gunna write a very short little piece on some myths and misconceptions about OCD. I hate to use a … Continue reading 5 common misconceptions about OCD

A bunch of stuff I’ve been doing to stay positive and calm

Welcome, humans. A tiny miracle hath come forth amongst all the disconsolate distress the world is going through; I'm (70%) calm as fuck. ????whatisthiswitchcraft???? AS IF I spent years and years being petrified of a non-existent worldwide viral pandemic, only to react (70%) serenely now that it's actually happening. I struggle a little in the evenings … Continue reading A bunch of stuff I’ve been doing to stay positive and calm

OOF. What it’s like having OCD during the Covid-19 outbreak.

What is the OCD-related fear? One of my biggest OCD fears is viruses - literally all viruses - but especially ones that may cause me to become contagious (I think this is related to blame and guilt) or cause me to lose a loved one. Before and during my diagnosis, I used to skip entire … Continue reading OOF. What it’s like having OCD during the Covid-19 outbreak.

My biggest bugbear; BUGS (not bears though)

BUCKLE UP AND GRAB A DRINK KIDS. I'm concocting this post mid-freakout. I've never actually written a post in the middle of a moment of OCD fear. Maybe it will come across as raw and sincere, perhaps it will contain my usual dry humour, or maybe it will just be a frantic mess of swearing … Continue reading My biggest bugbear; BUGS (not bears though)

I’m being discharged (yay!) but I’m feeling confused about it.

It's 5am in the uk and I'm currently sat stuffing my face with pretzels (aka salty bois) whilst smoll wet feeling-beads sprout from my eyes. Why in the name of sweet baby Yoda am I CRYING because I'm gunna be discharged from my weekly CBT sessions?? The last time I was discharged (after my first … Continue reading I’m being discharged (yay!) but I’m feeling confused about it.

New Bloody Year (and how my OCD reacts to it)

GOOD MORNIN' YA SLEEPY LITTLE SAUSAGES (I'm the sleepy sausage really heh blessup my fellow insomniacs). It's been a ruddy while hasn't it?! This is, in part, down to a shiny new health diagnosis (snore) and ALSO some pretty intense/fun/terrifying/enlightening CBT exposure therapy. I'll talk about that another time however, because TODAY I'm gunna talk … Continue reading New Bloody Year (and how my OCD reacts to it)