A list of some of the things my OCD tells me 

You're contagious You're a terrible person You don't deserve your friends and family You're a shitty hamster mum (this one's kinda jokes but it has actually made me cry before) The world is infected Dust is filling your lungs up Everything has erosive chemicals in Your food has worms in Your skin has fibres in … Continue reading A list of some of the things my OCD tells me 


Finger lickin’ awful

I've published a couple of posts before about specific OCD compulsions I have experienced and this week, my friends… this week I'm gunna divulge a really dumb, embarrassing one that sometimes weirds people out. As an individual with a fair selection of strange compulsions, I have a trained eye for weirdedoutness (it's all in the … Continue reading Finger lickin’ awful

Why are women with mental illness sexualised?

Okay, buckle up ol' buddy ol' pal, because this post is a long'un. Before I begin, I just want to add a disclaimer that at no point is this post supposed to bash men whatsoever. I bloody love men. I'm simply curious about the subject and I'm asking a lot of questions. I also want to briefly define … Continue reading Why are women with mental illness sexualised?

OCD in the 21st Century; THE INTERNET

I was sat in bed last night drinking my nightly Ovaltine (yes it was a Saturday night and yes I'm only 27) and I got to thinking - what was having OCD like in times gone by? I'm talking 50 years ago… 100 years ago… 1,000,000 years ago?! (Cue mental image of a neanderthal man … Continue reading OCD in the 21st Century; THE INTERNET

To pee, or not to pee: that is the question.

(And I still haven’t learned the answer...) My bladder and I have a love-hate relationship. She filters toxins from my lil bod… she helps me to balance my electrolytes… she waits patiently whilst I stagger to the toilet in heels whilst blind drunk before instigating Operation Pee...yada yada. I return the favour by not making … Continue reading To pee, or not to pee: that is the question.


Okay first things first: I knoooow I said I’d be posting every weekend from now on BUT this weekend has been really busy. I’ve DIYing my little tattooed arse off ready for my re-furb and just guess what I did today... I CLEANED AND TREATED SOME MOLD OOOOSSSSHHHH AHHHHHH. I know this seems pretty boring and … Continue reading NO LONGER BEHOLDEN TO THE MOLDEN

OCD treatment: SSRIs

(I obviously have zero medical or pharmaceutical expertise and this post is just about my personal experiences with tablets I've been prescribed for OCD. Everyone reacts to drugs differently and what works for one may not work for another. Always talk to your GP or a mental health professional before taking medications.) I've already written … Continue reading OCD treatment: SSRIs