Just a quick thankyou!

When I first started this blog, I was considerably hesitant because fundamentally, I’m fiercely protective about my private life. As well as my own personal nerves, I didn’t hold out much hope in terms of my words reaching or helping anyone. Over the last six months the amount of feedback I’ve had from strangers and acquaintances alike has been unreal! I’m elated that I’ve managed to make at least one single person feel less lonely, let alone multiple people.

Something I find very beautiful is the number of people reading my posts because – whereas they don’t have OCD – they love somebody who does, and they want guidance on how they can support/understand their loved one. Human beans supporting each other’s mental health makes me feel very warm and fuzzy in my lil anxiety-ridden soul.

It just so happens that writing down my experiences and thoughts is turning out to be an extremely enlightening and cathartic exercise for myself, so I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to my followers and readers!

Happy Thursday all 🙂

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