Okay first things first: I knoooow I said I’d be posting every weekend from now on BUT this weekend has been really busy. I’ve DIYing my little tattooed arse off ready for my re-furb and just guess what I did today…


I know this seems pretty boring and meaningless, but I feel really proud of myself for the first time in bloody ages. Whilst gutting my bedroom I found some black mold by my window. My Dad knows how much I obsess over fungi and spores of any kind, and he’d offered to come and do it for me tomorrow. I felt like I wanted a challenge though; so I spent my Sunday scrubbing and treating the mold myself with my very own hands (and surprisingly brave brain).

I’d be proud of this achievement even if the OCD was under control, so considering it’s absolutely not, I feel amazing. I’m gunna distract myself for the rest of the evening so that the OCD doesn’t start thinking about all of the spores and where they’ve gone (STOP RIGHT THERE MIM).

I know this doesn’t even count as a post but I’m on cloud 9 and I’m chuffed that I nailed some exposure work.

I absolutely promise I’ll be posting properly and in full next week.

Tata ya beauties!

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