A bunch of stuff I’ve been doing to stay positive and calm

Welcome, humans. A tiny miracle hath come forth amongst all the disconsolate distress the world is going through; I’m (70%) calm as fuck.


AS IF I spent years and years being petrified of a non-existent worldwide viral pandemic, only to react (70%) serenely now that it’s actually happening. I struggle a little in the evenings because OCD tries to tell me stupid dumb little lame-ass fakenews-ass lies. I try my absolute utmost to ignore them, but sometimes I succumb to a compulsion or two. But evenings aside – I’m chill my dudes.

My heart is breaking for the people who have been affected. And of course I have moments of worry about my loved ones falling ill, but no more than is logical and expected under the circumstances. I fall within the ‘vulnerable’ category and yet I’ve not felt panicked in the slightest about how contracting the virus could fuck me the fuck up. 

Anyway I’m rambling sorry – blah blah blah I’m decidedly more calm than I could have imagined in this situation blah blah piffle.

The aforementioned bunch o’ stuff as promised:


  • Cuddling my dogs 
  • Playing with my dogs 
  • Taking an excessive number of photos of my dogs 
  • Singing improvised yet emotive songs…to my dogs
  • Cuddling Dave (The Hammo)™
  • Making sweet as fuck houses for Dave (The Hammo)™ out of boxes and stuff 
  • Absolutely rinsing Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album
  • Making jewellery 
  • Yoga and meditation (although truth be told I don’t know if I’m doing the meditation thing right…does anyone really know if they’re doing it right? Actually I bet Tibetan monks probably do)
  • Caring for my nails 
  • Spending more time caring for my skin 
  • Moisturising my feet even more than I did before (if you know me then you know that I take foot care incredibly seriously)
  • Breaking in my newest docs by stomping around my lounge like a mean freckled baby with a score to settle 
  • Listening to Son Lux continuously
  • Listening to Deadcrush by Alt-j repeatedly 
  • Listening to Doja Cat’s entire discography frequently 
  • Continuing kickboxing training at home whilst trying to avoid kicking any of the plants dotted erratically around my room
  • Watching films that I’d never usually watch (but not actually watching them because I’m seldom cable of concentrating on a whole film…I can’t count how many people have ended up actively resenting me because of me intermittently squeaking “SNACK BREAK”, followed by me then getting distracted from de sneckz by remembering a crazy conspiracy theory I read about and now need to tell them about in great detail)
  • Listening to Mac Miller BUT ONLY the happy ones for the time being (Good News makes me blub , with lots of snot and everything so I try to avoid it)
  • Painting my nails and also some canvases
  • Running my hands under cold water – I’ve always loved doing this since I was a kid cos it makes me feel sooo relaxed and calm
  • Moisturising my hands because they’re dry as fuuuck after all the washing
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Eating lots of fruit and vegetables
  • (Also eating lots of cheese)
  • Falling asleep to Blue Planet 2 every night
  • Admiring how pretty the world looks from my garden
  • Feeling thankful for the family/friends/simple commodities I have
  • Reminding myself of all the good things that are yet to come 

Lots of love and hand-gel. Mim.

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